The Salvation Army Thrift Store has made a great effort to recycle items we cannot sell.  

If items are stained, torn, need mending or excessively worn, at one time they were sent to the local landfill. In 2008, we started to bale clothing, bedding, shoes, books, and baseball caps. These bales are shipped and sold to a recycling company in Seattle area. Last year alone, 217 tons of material was recycled, keeping it out of the landfill, and creating jobs and product for other places.

The bales are loaded into shipping containers and sent to a facility in Pakistan. There, they employ over 100 people to sort, repair, and/or re-purpose the items, which are then sold through stores or street vendors in Pakistan, Africa, India and Chili. 

Your donations help so many people in the Flathead Valley, and the items that cannot be used here help people throughout the world! Thank you for your generous donations!